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About Shirt Sales & Other Stuff

You have somehow found yourself wondering about a Shirts on Sale sideblog -- and if you're not familiar with SoS, we couldn't be more enthused to encourage you to eyeball our exceptional daily t-shirt sale portal by following the aforementioned link.

But if you're wondering what we're up to here...well, that's a related but different story altogether:

You see. It all started when the SoS team realized that the t-shirt sale tips, news and crosstalk were bursting from the seems of our very informative and focused initial endeavor (you guessed it, the previously mentioned Shirts on Sale).

Anyway...we realized that it wasn't really fair to our readers to horde all the not-quite-ready for primetime tshirt coupons, sales and news that lands on our welcome mat every morning. Rather than lower the high editorial standards of our main site, and out of deference for the panoply of tastes in the teeshirt-sale-loving-world, we decided to spin off a new site with on and off topic t-shirt talk.

And thus we present a valuable and fun addition to the Shirts on Sale family, this here sister-site -- Shirt Sales & Other Stuff (which we fondly refer to as SSOS).

Thank you for joining us on this wild and wacky ride,
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