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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teextile Twitter Contest: Win A Free Shirt!

4 pennies earned

Well, this is a little more convoluted and difficult than our usual contests (and this is not our contest, mind you, but Teextiles!), but the payoff is pretty solid for what could be minimal effort.. you just have to be right!

The details are easy enough, but to successfully complete them is another task entirely. Check it out! (edited for clarity here. Click to see the original newspost.)

weve been neglecting our poor little twitter account for more than a month, so we thought we would start it up again with a way for you to get a free shirt or 5.

all you have to do is follow us on twitter:

and guess the next five shirts for next week by posting an update on your twitter account starting with @teextile and followed by the 5 names of the designs you think are going to win (number them if youd like)

sure, 140 characters might not be enough, so feel free to abbreviate. if you guess all 5 designs, you get a free shirt of your choice. and if you guess all 5 designs in the correct order, you get all 5 shirts for free.

here a couple of hints
-we always print at least one design that is only one color
-we always print at least one oversized print 
-we never print the 5 all-time most popular, but at least one of the top 3 will be printed

One update a week shouldn't break your Twitterbank, so tweet away -- and if you're just hopping on the Twitter bus, be sure to add us at!

Best of luck with this one, you'll need it.. but at least they gave a few hints!