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Friday, January 16, 2009

Up to 70% off at Urban Retro (UK)

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If you find yourself in Britain -- or at least able to accept mail there -- and need to update your wardrobe, you could do a lot worse than the massive sale on at Urban Retro.

With sales on of up to 70% off, you can now get some quality name-brand designs for as little as £9.99. Styles include, Joystick Junkies, Terratag, Vacant FanClub, GRN, Junk Food, Ambiguous and a bunch more.

40% off Coupon for Loyal to Your Soil

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The heavily-branded Loyal to Your Soil is offering a full 40% off their wares now through January 23rd -- just use the coupon WECRAZY at checkout for your savings. Generally their t-shirts run about $19.99 but there are some decent tees that are already marked down for clearance and come down to less than $5 after you use the coupon. They are crazy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Fool And His Money...

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So the title of their article is a little crass but some of these insights are likely new to any but the most cost-conscious consumer. Nathan Birch at Cracked has written a great expose on the things that five common businesses do to trick you out of your money:

Bars keep the music loud so you drink instead of talk.

Grocery stores
are designed to make movement as slow as possible. Skip the cart and just carry the basket to speed your way around.

have all sorts of diabolical tricks, including weighted silverware and extruded plates to make your portion appear bigger.

The Mall
is not your friend, unless you're trying to get extra exercise -- which you should be as it's never a bad thing and you can then look better in your myriad t-shirts -- they put like stores across the building from each other to ensure you have to pass by everything else on your way.

While we all know that casinos pump up the oxygen to keep you happy and high, who knew that their gaudy floors and low-hanging canopies were designed to keep your focus on the machines and tables?

Read their article for tons of other revelations about the underhanded world of sales -- Dickonomics: How 5 Everyday Businesses Trick You

photo courtesy of adamjinj (or something like that)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FTM: Win $1000 from Loiter Apparel and Accessories

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Design the coolest, funniest, slickest, sickest or even the most awesomest t-shirt around, and win fortune and fame on!

Prize: $1000 Cash – Plus 20% of all profits from sales, FOREVER!
Deadline: January 31st, 2009
Rules for Entry: Your original design can contain up to SIX ink colors (feel free to go nuts with specialty methods including discharge, glow in the darks, oversize, burn-out, wrap-around, over-seam, puff's, flocking, etc...) Submit your original design by downloading our design template, showcasing your artwork on it, then uploading it to our site to be viewed, voted and commented on by the members of the LOITER community!

In the event your submissions is chosen for production, if your artwork is not vector based (Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, etc...), you will need to be able to provide raster based artwork (Photoshop, MSPaint, etc...) at 300 dpi.

All entries to this contest are also subject to the terms and conditions of our Submission Agreement.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Pictures of 2008

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You know...we can only speak for the American attention span, but it seems that our memories get shorter and shorter every...wait, what was I saying there?

Anyway. If you're ready to look back on or just want to remember the sometimes scary year that was 2008, we highly recommend you do so the easy way -- visually -- with these helpful and amazing collections.
First off, the ultra-generically-named blog, Photo Blog, has taken MSNBC's top 40 pictures of 2008 and made them much more presentable -- trust us, you do not want to sit through MSNBC's video version. Constraining themselves to only 40 pictures, MSNBC went the smart way and opted for beautiful and poingnent shots over trying to encapsulate the entire year with so few images.

We highly recommend you set aside a fair bit of time for the grand tour, though, The Boston Globe's 2008 in photographs -- all 120 of them. Don't worry, they've thoughtfully broken up the pictures into three collections of 40.
Unlike the lower-quality MSNBC collection, TBG provides large lush imagery, opt-in warnings on any visceral imagery and doesn't impose a soundtrack. Also, with the extra eighty photos, they're able to put together a much more comprehensive and cohesive picture book -- mostly from an American angle -- of the momentous year we've just experienced together.