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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am I the Only Eden Rock in America?

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Eden Rock, your Power Animal is the Peruvian Pelican.  Discover more at www.IsThisYour.Name
Alright. So I know this is super-lame, but I couldn't believe that I'm likely the only Eden Rock in all of America. According to Is This Your Name:

Top 5 Facts for this Name:

  1. 38% of the letters are vowels. Of one million first and last names we looked at, 38.4% have a higher vowel make-up. This means you are well envoweled.
  2. In ASCII binary it is... 01000101 01100100 01100101 01101110 00100000 01010010 01101111 01100011 01101011
  3. Backwards, it is Nede Kcor... nice ring to it, huh?
  4. In Pig Latin, it is Edenway Ockray.
  5. People with this first name are probably: Female. So, you are constantly overcharged for beauty products.

Name Origin and Meaning:

Meaning: Paradise

3 Things You Didn't Know:

  1. Your personal power animal is the Peruvian Pelican
  2. Your 'Numerology' number is 3. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are enthusiastic, creative, optimistic, and fun-loving. You seek self-expression through words or the arts, and enjoy learning through life experiences.
  3. According to the US Census Bureau°, 0.003% of US residents have the first name 'Eden' and 0.0076% have the surname 'Rock'. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there are 1 Americans who go by the name 'Eden Rock'.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vintage Vantage Goes Retail!

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Okay, so we're a few weeks late to the party (they opened on May 13th), but online shirt-'tailer Vintage Vantage has gone RL, opening up their own brick-and-mortar store in San Francisco. Check it:

After 8 years on the internets, you can now visit Vintage Vantage in real life! Introducing the Vintage Vantage Shirt Shop and Hug Emporium! Where the shirts are cheap and the hugs are free!

Come visit us in San Francisco - 1736 18th St in Potrero Hill. We've got in-store specials ($15 originals and 3 for $20 sale shirts) and we've got mini-bikes that you can ride up and down the street! Seriously. Bring a helmet.

More info on the blog here.