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Saturday, November 29, 2008

30% Off of Random Shirts

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Saturday and Sunday only get 30% off everything at Random Shirts. No coupon necessary.

Just a little reminder that this sale surprisingly isn't as good as the Black Friday sale or their late September 50% off sale.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Awesome Black Friday T-shirt Sales List

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Thanks, Jon, for coordinating this list at Emptees: code: "EMPTEES" 20% OFF until Sunday. Free select shirt for every 20th order $15 Shirts + Goodies ends Monday code: "woot" for 25% off ends Friday code: "BLACKFRIDAY" for 20% off Black Friday only code: "black_friday" 40% off code: "blackfriday" 20% off Friday only $10 shirts $12-$20 shirts + free party koozie code: "BLACKFRIDAY08" 20% off ends friday (free hornet shirt with order) up to 60% off select items today-sunday code "blackfriday" for 15% off friday only code: "blackfriday" for 25% off, Friday only $18 new items / $30 hoods / $10 sale items / weezy. $15 shirts, $28 Robots And Monkeys Bundle code: "apmustache" for 20% OFF code: "apoath" for 20% OFF code: "Fallisfresh" 20% off Ends 12/2 code "EMPTEESGIVE"for 12% off (ends 12/10) 15% off 11/27 & 11/28. shirts up to 50% off, Grab bags: $5 code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off plus a free out of print shirt, good through 11/29 $13 sale shirts $20 longsleeves + free stickers! code: "apmustache" for 20% OFF code: "apoath" for 20% OFF code: 'blackfriday' 35% off for THURSDAY AND TOMORROW most tees $14, and thermals $25

Free Shipping at Heavy Rotation

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Heavy Rotation OR Heavy Tees...make up your mind already! Free shipping is helpful and appreciated, but couldn't you throw us a larger bone considering everyone's financial outlook?

Perhaps your recession-proof weekend broke the bank?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

$11.67 Tshirts at T-shirt Outlet

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Save 35% on all T-shirt Outlet tees through Cyber Monday (December 2nd) during their special holiday sale. You can also take advantage of their standard free shipping on all domestic orders over $50 discount.

The T-shirt Outlet features exclusive licensed merchandise for the hit TV show House M.D., NBC's Emmy-award winning comedy series 30 Rock, NBC's award winning "The Office", and we are the exclusive online clothing retailer for Mike Judge's cult classic feature film, Idiocracy.

FTM: Singapore-based fabrikade

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Hello Eden and Ryan,

Jonathan Kong from fabrikade. We are a webstore from Singapore that stocks Singapore and a few overseas t-shirts and design merchandises labels. We have products like bags, accessories, iPod Sleeves and fabric toys but primarily, it's t-shirts.

Right now, we are running our Fabulous Festive Finds. Further reduction for early birds & 30% off all t-shirt labels including the iPod sleeves. Enter Promo code HEYHEYHO at checkout to enjoy this offer.

All pricing in Singapore dollars (SGD) and we ship internationally. More details after the main banner jump.

I hope the sale and coupon is of good value for your readers. Should you have any questions, please email me or catch me on Twitter @fabrikade.

Thanks a bunch and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

35% Off No Star Coupon

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You gotta love the No Star tagline: "Make smile happen" ( don't). Regardless of your opinion on that matter, though, you can appreciate any opportunity for savings including their current promotion. Get 35% off your t-shirts with the coupon TURKEY now through the 30th.

If you'd like our take on their snarky humor, just check out our prior review at Shirts on Sale.

FTM: You Pick the Sale at Random Shirts

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Ok party people, we've got something for ya! The day after thanksgiving, also elusively known as "Black Friday", is right around the corner. For some reason, everyone feels the need to have some crazy sale that day, so why should we be any different?! However, this year, we want YOU to tell us the sale you want! Here's how it works:

-Think of a Day After Thanksgiving sale you would like Randomshirts to have and email it to us at iloveturkey (at) randomshirts (dot) com with "Gobble Gobble" as the subject. Submit as many ideas as you want.

-We will pick our favorite and run the sale this Friday!

-You have TWO chances to win. The prizes are as follows:
$20 gift certificate to the sale idea we actually use on Friday!
$20 gift certificate to the most wacky/crazy sale idea!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

$10 Skummie T-shirts

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Skummie has some ironically funny morbid t-shirts, as long as you're looking/willing to get a jump on a possibly-popular heavily-branded label.

If that describes you, you're in luck as you can now get all of them, except the newest, for only $10 this week. You're happy about that aren't you?

Reaching Your End Santacide Shirt on Pre-sale

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We're not sure how wise it is to offer this shirt right after Christmas ends, but it must make sense to someone:

This Holiday T-shirt is a super limited edition shirt only available for purchase ($11.99) between the dates of November 21 - December 7 exclusively from City of Kings. All orders ship the week following Christmas via USPS. Printed on Fruit of the Loom, designed by Matt Gondek. Every order ships with a rainbow candy cane!
They also offer a CD and another $11.99 t-shirt on their website if you're so inclined.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wallsticker Clearance Sale at A Better Tomorrow

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As you know, our German isn't so hot, but the recent mail from A Better Tomorrow is pretty easy to understand. Apparently, they realized that they were just stretching themselves too thin when they opted to branch out into the vinyl wall sticker world like all the other cool kids were doing. As they scale back their operations they have a whole bunch of extra wall stickers to dispose of and realize the best way is to discount them and get 'em out the door.

You can still plan on spending from 3€ to 60€ for each sticker-set, depending on the size and number of colors, but that's a small price to pay considering the profound aesthetic change to your walls. We have a couple of vinyl prints up around the workspace and people always comment on how great our painting job was. Little do they realize we can just pull these from the paint when we move into bigger and better digs.

Vintage Vantage Color Sale Week

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It might just be better if we let those braniacs at VV explain this one to you:

So you know how this Friday is Black Friday... so we got to thinking and we thought, hey, we've been making all these fun black shirts recently, wouldn't it be neat if we put them all on sale for Black Friday. But then we thought that wasn't fair to all of our other non-black shirts, so we invented four new holidays - White Monday, Blue Tuesday, Red Wednesday, and Thanksgiving.

If you're wondering, pink counts as red, grey counts as black, and Thanksgiving is yellow because of all the maize.
I'm going to be stopping by every day just to see if every collage is as hilarious as this one:

New Ten Bills Website and 10% Coupon

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In celebration of their new (and much improved) site design, Ten Bills is offering a 10% discount on orders through the 30th of November. Just enter the code SQUASH (as in the vegetable, not the action) at checkout to get your discount.

Don't forget about their $10 Kids 3-pack if you're still considering a present for your nephew whose parents can't quite tell the difference between a snarky Target t-shirt and inexpensive quality design.

And don't forget kids, cigarettes will kill you.

$10 Beautiful/Decay Bat Head Tee at Jack Threads

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This t-shirt is only available until it sells out and Jack Threads has a crazy invite thing going on. Send us an email at if you'd like to get it for $9.99 (plus shipping) and we'll send you the necessary invite (which will also earn us $10 in credit if you happen to buy the tee using our invitation).

The gaping hole on the bottom of the shirt, right near your intestines, is a little suspect if you ask me...And speaking of Jack Threads, we did want to let you know about the results of our little contest. Apparently, quite a few of you signed up -- impressing the kids at JT to no end. But only five of you won our exclusive free t-shirt giveaway.

Congratulations to Kelli B. & Brendan G. & Xavier H. & Ceci T. & Travis S. on winning the contest and thanks for being part of the Shirts on Sale community.