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Friday, November 28, 2008

Awesome Black Friday T-shirt Sales List

1 penny earned

Thanks, Jon, for coordinating this list at Emptees: code: "EMPTEES" 20% OFF until Sunday. Free select shirt for every 20th order $15 Shirts + Goodies ends Monday code: "woot" for 25% off ends Friday code: "BLACKFRIDAY" for 20% off Black Friday only code: "black_friday" 40% off code: "blackfriday" 20% off Friday only $10 shirts $12-$20 shirts + free party koozie code: "BLACKFRIDAY08" 20% off ends friday (free hornet shirt with order) up to 60% off select items today-sunday code "blackfriday" for 15% off friday only code: "blackfriday" for 25% off, Friday only $18 new items / $30 hoods / $10 sale items / weezy. $15 shirts, $28 Robots And Monkeys Bundle code: "apmustache" for 20% OFF code: "apoath" for 20% OFF code: "Fallisfresh" 20% off Ends 12/2 code "EMPTEESGIVE"for 12% off (ends 12/10) 15% off 11/27 & 11/28. shirts up to 50% off, Grab bags: $5 code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off plus a free out of print shirt, good through 11/29 $13 sale shirts $20 longsleeves + free stickers! code: "apmustache" for 20% OFF code: "apoath" for 20% OFF code: 'blackfriday' 35% off for THURSDAY AND TOMORROW most tees $14, and thermals $25

1 penny earned:

Jon Kruse said...

No problem Eden.

Thanks for the post.

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