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Thursday, November 27, 2008

FTM: Singapore-based fabrikade

2 pennies earned

Hello Eden and Ryan,

Jonathan Kong from fabrikade. We are a webstore from Singapore that stocks Singapore and a few overseas t-shirts and design merchandises labels. We have products like bags, accessories, iPod Sleeves and fabric toys but primarily, it's t-shirts.

Right now, we are running our Fabulous Festive Finds. Further reduction for early birds & 30% off all t-shirt labels including the iPod sleeves. Enter Promo code HEYHEYHO at checkout to enjoy this offer.

All pricing in Singapore dollars (SGD) and we ship internationally. More details after the main banner jump.

I hope the sale and coupon is of good value for your readers. Should you have any questions, please email me or catch me on Twitter @fabrikade.

Thanks a bunch and Happy Thanksgiving!

2 pennies earned:

Jonathan Kong said...

Thanks for the feature, Eden!

Things are abit crazy around here now but email us at enquiry[at] or find me on Twitter (@fabrikade) is you have any questions or issues.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Eden said...

They're pretty crazy here as well. I hope that means good things for you!

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