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Friday, March 13, 2009

Three Coupons to Sate the Masses

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Three quick coupons to let you know about, just in case you don't subscribe to every freakin' t-shirt newsletter you come across:

Brand of the Free, an all-organic American-made Earth-friendly sort of label, is now offering 25% off their generally $32 tshirts with the coupon BOTF25 now through the March 31st.Also showing throughout the month of March, you can save 10% at Noisebot with the coupon NoiseBotMarchMadness. Word on the street is they also have an Ebay store for US customers only, Noisebot Outlet, where they sell off overstock for as little as $4.95.Finally, we've also caught wind of a 25% off coupon at the shoe and shirt site, Greedy Genius. If you're into kicks, this is a great way to get those shiny sneakers for $90 instead of $125. Just use the coupon code SUPERMAN at checkout.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

FTM: VISIELE47 News! vol.39

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We don't understand this at all.

What we do know, is that they make AMAZING t-shirts...AND that you have to pay through the nose to get them.

The lovely piece pictured below is only $62 + shipping.

VISIELE47 News! vol.39(不定期配信)





(有)スイッチャー(VISIBLE ELEPHANT 47)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BustedTees Now Carrying Vintage Vantage Shirts

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Two of our favorite e-tailers of quality casual shirts have joined forces, with BustedTees now offering a select few of Vintage Vantage's extended catalog of vintagesque shirts. Included in the update are AAAA (Anti-Acronym Association of America); Mini-Van, Mega-Fun!; Strictly For My Ninjas; and Oklahoma Series 8 Now Available

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Well, I've always been a huge fan of Rob Dobi's design work, usually for such standout punk/alternative musical giants as Fall Out Boy, Coheed and Cambria, Less Than Jake, and Thursday. His personal side project, when he's not doing licensed work, is called Fullbleed, and they've just released their 8th -- yes, 8th -- set of shirts for purchasing. Fullbleed is known for their simple, solid colors and thoughtful, sometimes political ideas, but always expertly rendered. The guy is a master at drawing the human form.

My personal favorite of his is back from one of his earlier series, and possibly his quintessential design, Surf's Up, Dudes.