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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Johnny Cupcakes Bakesale

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Don't forget that the Johnny Cupcakes Bakesale is still the best place to get real Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts and gear cheap -- no coupons necessary.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Rainy Day Designer Needs Your Vote

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We recently got a request from one of our readers to help bring awareness to his design at Uneetee. Although Shirts on Sale is not a platform for that kind of dialogue, this sideblog provides an excellent venue for such a conversation. Read Troy's explanation of what he hopes to accomplish with this shirt design and vote if you support his work and/or motives.

Three years ago in high school my teacher told me something I wish I had listened more closely to. He told us, “you might be an artist person and enjoy it very much but you have to realize that not all talented people get paid.” Three years later I am living through that exact scenario.

This is not the life and times of a famous person. This is not the work of a lifetime. This is my realization.  I am just one person trying to have some imprint on life.

Firstly I don't consider myself to be less fortunate. I have lived life to its fullest as we all try. I am a college graduate who can no longer live by the concept of just covering my expenses. Living this way will stress those you love and you will always have something looming over you like bills, but worse then anything is the thought of failing.

From one designer who is struggling to live or rather living to struggle. I want to pass on the advice that no diploma can guarantee your happiness and fulfilling your passion won't always cover your expenses. You have to learn early on that you will have to give and take to survive.

I would like to ask for your help but want people to understand why I need the help. I have entered into the T-shirt design contest. The grand prize for winning is $1500. I don't want to win just for the money. Yes, it would be a huge relief and help get me off my feet but more than that I want proof that I can succeed as an artist. To know that my work doesn't just get passed over.

I understand as an artist that I haven't reached my full potential yet but I am still young and learning as I go. That is why I need your help most of all. The choices I make now may decide whether I can continue to be an artist or if I have to give in and admit defeat. I am not afraid of losing the contest, but I am afraid of losing faith in myself as an artist.

Please help support me and show the world that even a rainy day designer can see the light of day again.

Thank you, 
The Rainy Day Designer
Troy Hyndman