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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Get Your Bowling Shirts for Half Off

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This weekend only you can get anything at the bowling/retro outfitter Cruisin' USA. If you think you might head out to the swing dance at your local soda pop shop or maybe just a bowling night with friends, dress up the part in some stylin' apparel.

Now through Sunday enter the coupon 2WEEKEND5 and get 50% off your non-custom printing, Crosley products, or wholesale orders purchase.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FTM: NES Belt Buckle Discount

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Not T-shirt news per se, but just wanted to let you know we relaunched . Got a whole new supply of controllers and have begun selling the world famous NESBuckle again. To celebrate the launch, we are giving away $10 gift certificates. We created a special certificate, upupdowndown for $10 off. This coupon will expire after the first 100 uses, so act fast!

Kind regards
That $10 discount on the Nintendo Controller Belt Buckle will bring the price down to $20. It's still a bit spendy, but the buckle is just out of control!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everyone's a T-shirt Designer in the Future

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As you'll see from the video below, although it might be possible, strike that...It is highly probable that we'll all be designing our own t-shirts in the future, but that doesn't mean we have to be any good at it.

The interface here, using the power of Microsoft's Surface, is amazingly easy. I love how the drag and drop automatically crops to the t-shirt. Beyond that, why not let you choose whether or not you'd like the print to wrap around your t-shirt for an extra fee?

Watching this it's not hard to imagine a future where we "grab" elements from our environment, including inspiration from what others are wearing around us, and create a new t-shirt or wardrobe on our future iPhone that immediately gets produced in an automated factory located halfway around the world but could still be in our hands within half a day.

I've seen the future, and it's going to look very interesting.