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Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Pictures of 2008

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You know...we can only speak for the American attention span, but it seems that our memories get shorter and shorter every...wait, what was I saying there?

Anyway. If you're ready to look back on or just want to remember the sometimes scary year that was 2008, we highly recommend you do so the easy way -- visually -- with these helpful and amazing collections.
First off, the ultra-generically-named blog, Photo Blog, has taken MSNBC's top 40 pictures of 2008 and made them much more presentable -- trust us, you do not want to sit through MSNBC's video version. Constraining themselves to only 40 pictures, MSNBC went the smart way and opted for beautiful and poingnent shots over trying to encapsulate the entire year with so few images.

We highly recommend you set aside a fair bit of time for the grand tour, though, The Boston Globe's 2008 in photographs -- all 120 of them. Don't worry, they've thoughtfully broken up the pictures into three collections of 40.
Unlike the lower-quality MSNBC collection, TBG provides large lush imagery, opt-in warnings on any visceral imagery and doesn't impose a soundtrack. Also, with the extra eighty photos, they're able to put together a much more comprehensive and cohesive picture book -- mostly from an American angle -- of the momentous year we've just experienced together.

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