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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The End Of Hell As We Know It

4 pennies earned

Apparently the rumors -- that we didn't hear -- are true. T-shirt Hell is closing up shop in a few weeks on February 10th. They claim they're doing it because they're sick of the whining sissy-pants, but we find that a hard pill so swallow. We've been getting the newsletter for years, just to see whose buttons they were going to push week after week.

For the past few weeks (or possibly months) their shirts have failed to impress, barely rising above mediocrity. Rather than seeing them trying to tone down their cutting sarcasm it looks more like they've just run out of steam.

Fortunately for us, not only is everything 10% off their final two weeks...they've also re-released a bunch of "worse than hell" t-shirts as a final fuck you.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to see these tasteless as hell tees.

4 pennies earned:

Adder said...

I'd presume their failed "torsopants" offshoot closing down recently is more indicative of their shutdown than thin skin. Though I don't doubt the site was run by spineless sissies trying to act tough and "awesome" while turning a quick buck, I do find it odd that they'd cite that as the reason. Sure makes them edgy when they can't handle Edna the Cat Lady getting upset.

Though really, with such a weak excuse and an even weaker closeout sale (10% off? That's all they can afford to slash to clear out their inventory of slogans on questionable-quality shirts?) I wager there will be a "gullible bastard" sale on Feb. 11th. Either this is all promotion for them during a weak economic stretch, or they seriously fail at starting a clothing retailer. They started off too edgy for their sensitive souls to handle the continual backlash, and ended with no concept of minimizing loss.

Eden said...

You weren't right on the gullible bastard sale...yet. They did extend the sale an extra week though (surprise, surprise).

Adder said...

For once in my life, Eden, I will be happier to be wrong.

Eden said...

The party's over -- T-shirt Hell was just yanking our chains -- and Adder is 98% correct.

Why could you be wrong?

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