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Friday, February 6, 2009

What's Free At Amazon?

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Digital downloads are where it's at when it comes to free stuff on Amazon. Although the digital video offerings aren't so hot, they're still free and gratis is always alright with us -- especially when you don't have to deal with any rebates or oversized boxes.

Their free music, on the other hand, is pretty awesome with over 500 currently available songs. I'm sure you'll see plenty of names you don't recognize, but there are also some goodies in there as well. It's nice to play the preview versions even just to hear "what the kids are listening to these days."

The motherload of free stuff, if you're running a Windows machine, are the three free games they have for download through February 10th to celebrate the launch of their videogame download store.

I've opened and scratched the surface of Build-a-lot but didn't find it to be much fun, especially in these realty-challenged times. But what does my opinion count compared to the nine people who gave it an average 3.75 stars?

If you like point and click mystery clue games, you could certainly do worse than the good-looking The Scruffs game.

These days it's hard to find fault with some sort of precious stone matching game...and number two has got to be better than number one, right? That's why I'll probably agree that Jewel Quest 2 is the (pun intended) gem of this completely free bunch.

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