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Monday, June 15, 2009

13 Awesome Money Saving Sites

3 pennies earned

Wise Bread, a website that hasn't yet made it to our feed reader, put out a recent article that highlights thirteen of their favorite money-saving websites. Of course we're sad that Shirts on Sale didn't make the list, but we understand that people --silly, silly people-- still see inexpensive boutique t-shirts as a limited-audience sort of pursuit.

We use most of these in our regular deal hunting, but there were a few new sites as well:

There are 3 reasons we really like Retail Me Not: Huge database of online coupon codes and printable in-store coupons; It's like a virtual coupon organizer that's always there when you're shopping; Users vote on the reliability of coupons, so the coupon usually works the first time we try it.

Sure, Fat Wallet's got a huge forum community helping us weed out the bad deals and find the really hidden gems. Yeah, there's a big coupons database too. Those are both awesome parts of Fat Wallet, but what gets us really excited is... cashback shopping!

Forget about manually comparing dozens of confusing plans. Let BillShrink do the work for you and save money within 5 minutes.

eCoupons has a no nonsense website that looks very similar to hundreds of other online coupon resources. But if you look closer, you'll find three hidden gems of the bargain hunting world.

Weird name but incredibly cool concept. Zilok is basically "Craigslist for rentals". You can rent your stuff out or rent someone else's stuff for a day.

Brad's Deals is unique because there's one passionate bargain hunter behind it all -- Brad Wilson.

Sweepstakes Advantage is really the only choice for sweepers looking for a site that is both comprehensive and trustworthy.

One of the easiest way to save money is to setup an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings account at regular intervals (for example, when paychecks are deposited). That way, you're paying yourself before you have a chance to spend all that money in your checking account. You can do that and more with SmartyPig.

Deal Catcher is one of the largest deals websites around. The deals are published by a full-time staff, which ensures that they're of the highest quality.

Current Codes is a no nonsense coupons and discount code database. There's no complex navigation, image-heavy decoration, or any of the other non-essential things that clutter up websites.

Online since 1999, TechBargains has been saving me money on computer components and other electronics since the last decade.

Do you love entering giveaways on blogs? Then Prizey was built just for you.

Prices and Coupons bridges the gap between price comparison and coupon codes.

3 pennies earned:

Ryan K said...

Personally, I prefer SlickDeals over FatWallet.

Eden said...

What makes SD better than FW?

Ryan K said...

Eh, I guess I just never got into FW -- it seems too much straight deals, not enough community.. I appreciate the Gamers' Lounge and other sections of SD's site that complement the deal section. Just preference, I s'pose!

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