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Friday, June 12, 2009

FTM: B/D JUNE T-SHIRT OF THE MONTH (their caps, not ours)

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One of our beloved former interns, Lyndsey Lesh, recently designed the shirt “Music Mountain” during her stay here at Beautiful/Decay. We were blown away by Lyndsey’s drive & talent and one of her final projects before venturing out into the great, wide, world was to design June’s T-Shirt of the month! (In case you haven’t heard, we are releasing a limited edition, 300 print run T-Shirt in a unique color way each month on the online shop for 33% off retail price- $20 a shirt!)

Lyndsey’s illustration style can best be described as whimsical works that depict a world of idiosyncratic fancy, sweetness and charm. Her images have a soft spoken quality that reflect the hand-rendered application of her materials. Her shirt, “Music Mountain” depicts a sincere DJ atop a landscape of stereo equipment, musical gear and chubby hands holding records, drum sticks and microphones.
Methinks they may have been taken in by the well-placed "Beautiful/Decay"

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