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Saturday, July 18, 2009

20 Worthless Pieces of Junk You Buy

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The kids at Walletpop have put together an interesting list of worthless junk they think people should avoid and the Consumerist people have conveniently taken their annoying slideshow and condensed it to a single list.

Although we agree with almost everything on the list, don't take away our rice cookers! We thought about arguing for the shoe inserts too, but maybe they are just a waste.

And thankfully they pull back on their recommendation to avoid Polaroid Cameras. They appreciate the artistic appeal of this unique medium and probably regret that they added it in the first place, but couldn't think of something better to take its place.

20: Rice Cookers
19: Shoe Inserts
18: Polaroid Camera
17: The Iron
16: Hobby Kits
15: The Tie Rack
14: Giveaway Thumb Drives
13: Trade Show Swag
12: Bargain DVDs
11: Ear Candles
10: Books in a Kindle World
9: Home Theater Sound Systems
8: Ice Cream Makers & Bread Machines
7: VCRPlus Gizmos
6: Ionic Breeze
5: Single-Slot Piggy Banks
4: Ab Rollers
3: Radar Detectors
2: Wipe Warmers
1: Happy Meal Toys
Did we mention you can vote up (or down) the items you have a special feeling by checking them out on the website?

On one of your return trips, don't forget to leave a comment letting us know if there anything you don't think deserves to be here or think of a missing item that does?

What are your thoughts?
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