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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

20% off Three "Manly" Tees at AAITSKI!

1 penny earned

That 20% off is going to save you five Euros on AAITSKI!'s ultra-kawaii artwork (Is that the correct way to hang an apostrophe "s" on their name? What does their name mean anyway??).

Don't worry if you're ordering a girl's shirt, even if this is supposed to be an International Men's Day doesn't seem as if they're adhering to the rules too strictly.

While you can only get t-shirts that portray boys (namely, the three designs below) on sale, men's and women's tshirts are all fair game and they're running this promotion right on through Tuesday the 11th.

1 penny earned:

The Aaitski! Bros. said...

All right! Aight! Aaitski!

The Aaitski! Bros.

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