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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

JellyFiz Launches New Twist on T-shirt Contest Site

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Here are the salient details, but read on for the press-released version:
1. JellyFiz prints real shirts (not POD) but won't do it unless you can prove there's an audience -- like the bastard child of Cafepress and Design by Humans.
2. Artists set the price point, but we're a little fuzzy on who sends out the shirt.
3. They're launching November 14th and need artists. Submit four related designs by this date and get 20% off printing and garment costs.

We (JellyFiz) have created a marketplace where people can buy, create and sell their own fashion line with no upfront costs and profit from every sale.

Basically designers can create a small collection using our templates and then list the designs on the "runway". Only designs that collect over 12 pre-orders within a week get manufactured. Shoppers pay sellers directly via PayPal for these items and then sellers work with JellyFiz to manufacture the items within 7-10 business days and ship to customers themselves. Sellers set the price and profit levels. The more you sell of a particular item, the higher the profit levels.

We offer 55 fashion garments to design on and printing techniques like jumbo prints, foil, discharge and water based inks, inside labels, poly bagging etc. All over printing, rhinestones and embroidery are available when designers manufacture the items upfront and then list it within the "instock collection".

We are looking for designers and bands who may be interested in launching their own fashion line and to be part of our official launch. We need the designs submitted by 14th of Nov 2008. There is 20% off printing and garment costs if you submit a collection of 4 designs by this date. ( All designs need to follow a single collection theme).

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