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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Please Help Find This Fake Chest T-shirt

3 pennies earned

We just got a note from a reader looking for this fake abs shirt worn by Jack Black at Sundance last year and criticized by Andy at Hide Your Arms.

I've searched high and low for this t-shirt (on the Google) and only came up with the most disgusting fake chest tshirt in the world (make sure you're sitting down before you click that link) and a paltry Zazzle alternative.

Lots of people at TMZ are also looking for this shirt. I know that you're a more resourceful lot than those celebrity-loving underachievers. Please let us know if you've seen this shirt available in a store or online.

3 pennies earned:

Jaime said...

You can get anatomical muscles from this website:

Jaime said...

Oh, and I just found another windowed abs shirt...

Eden said...

Thanks for the help, Jaime. This shirt is just impossible to track down...

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